6 months +


Nine moons or nine months represents the time period during which a new being grows and develops in a female body. Over the period of these nine months, a number of changes take place, which help the tiny unborn human being develop and the female body. From hormonal rage, aggregation of genetic information, cell division, and other complex bodily processes form a fantastic subject matter for a theatrical performance.

The story embraces the entire process from conception to birth, and the play is staged without words in a simple, humorous and fantastic way. With the help of a musical theater picture book the little ones enter the world of physical processes that occur during pregnancy. The play, aimed at toddlers, takes into consideration their developmental stage and is performed in a comprehensive and attractive way.

Nine Moons concludes the trilogy of AEIOU performances on the topic of the body and bodily perceptions. The other two performances from the trilogy are ‘Heart and Belly Button’ (co-production House of Children and Art, 2015) and ‘Doodledee, It's Me!’ (co-production with Dance Theater Ljubljana, 2016).


Recommended age: 6 months +
Duration: 30 minutes


Concept: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše
Directed by: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše
Visual imagery: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše
Set design and costumography: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše, Uroš Mehle s.p.
Music: Rada Kikelj Drašler, Miha Šajina
Performers: Katja Povše / Mateja Ocepek (Slovenia) / Katja Kähkönen (Finland)
Photography: Matej Povše
Production: AEIOU Theater for Babies and Toddlers, Association of Puppet Creators
Co-production: House of Children and Arts
Premiere: April 25, 2018, House of Children and Arts, Ljubljana

The project was supported by The Arts Promotion Center Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, TelepArt, City of Tampere and City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture.

Technical Specifications